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Scientific Committee

  • Jean-Louis Clerc (Nancy)
  • Jacques Faraut (Paris)
  • Ahmed Intissar (Rabat)
  • Toshiyuki Kobayashi (Tokyo)
  • Bent Ørsted (Aarhus)

Organizing Committee

  • A. Boussejra (Kénitra)
  • T. Kawazoe (Tokyo)
  • K. Koufany (Nancy)


Speakers / Titles / Abstracts are available here

ABOUELAZ Ahmed (Hassan II University ) : Characterizations of some function spaces by the discrete Radon transform on Zn

ASSAL Miloud (King Khalid University) : Uncertainty Inequalities on discrete hypergroups

AZI Khadija (Hassan II University) : Théorème d'Atiyah homotopique pour le groupe linéaire infini

BAKLOUTI Ali (University of Sfax) : Harmonic Analysis on some homogeneous spaces of discrete type and differential operators

CHARIFI Ahmed (Ibn Tofail University) : On the approximat solutions of a Pexider Golab-Schinzel equation

CLERC Jean-Louis (Henri Poincaré University) : Conformally covariant trilinear forms and differential operators on the sphere

DAHER Radouan (Hassan II University) : Some results on Dunkl analysis

DELORME Patrick (Aix-Marseille University) : Some results on harmonic analysis on reductive p-adic symmetric spaces

DEOLIVEIRA Fernando (Henri Poincaré University) : Some geometric aspects of real bounded symmetric domains

FAHLAOUI Said (University of Meknès) : Family of inequalities for the Jacobi semigoup

FARAUT Jacques (University of Paris 6) : Asymptotic spherical analysis

FISCHER Veronique (King's college London) : Complementary series for SO(n,n+1)

GHANMI Allal (Mohammed V University) : Spectral analysis of the twisted Laplacian on planar mixed automorphic forms

INTISSAR Ahmed (Mohammed V University) : On Taylor coefficients of theta function associated to Weierstrass sigma-function

ISHI Hideyuki (Nagoya University) : On the Wallach set for a homogeneous bounded domain

KABBAJ Samir (Ibn Tofail University) : Sur la résolution de certaines équations fonctionnelles sur un groupe localement compact

MASLOUHI Mostafa (Ibn Tofail University) : New Formulas for the Dunkl intertwining operator

MÉRIGON Stéphane (Erlangen University) : Analytic extension techniques for unitary representations of Banach-Lie groups

OSHIMA Toshio (University of Tokyo) : Ordinary differential equations and Kac-Moody root systems

PYCKE Jean-Renaud (University of Evry) : Some applications of harmonic analysis in the field of directional statistics

RATNAKUMAR Peetta Kandy (Harish-Chandra Research Institute) : A Benedick's type uncertainty principle on the Heisenberg group

RUBENTHALER Hubert (University of Strasbourg) : Invariant differential operators on a class of multiplicity free space

SAMMAD Khalil (Ibn Tofail University) : On the regular representation of a non unimodular locally compact group

SHIMENO Nobukazu (Kwansei Gakui University) : Matrix-valued commuting family of differential operators associated with symmetric spaces

SOUAIFI Sofiane (University of Strasbourg) : Paley-Wiener theorem(s) for real reductive Lie groups and the Hecke algebra

STANTON Robert J. (Ohio State University) : Symplectic transfer

THANGAVELU Sundaram (Indian Institute of Science) : Higher order Riesz transforms on Heisenberg group

UPMEIER Harald (Marburg University) : Harmonic Analysis and Moyal Star Products on Compact Symmetric Spaces

ZHANG Genkai (Chalmers-Göteborg University) : Optimal estimates of heat kernels on nilpotent groups of Siegel type

ZINOUN Azzouz (University of Lille 1) : Geometric Properties of the magnetic Laplacian on the Euclidean 4-space